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The Flavourists


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The project

The Flavourists were a new startup food product offering a range of flavour and sauce kits which were all plant-based. In conjunction with the Samworth Brothers, who put together the brand positioning work, I was tasked with translating a visually engaging but print-first brand into something that would work within a digital setting and be driven by a CMS, all without losing the vibrancy and dynamism of the brand itself. 

A number of different aspects had to also be considered and balanced against the objective of the business, to sell its product, and also push its social and brand values, such as being carbon-neutral and ambitions to help environment initiatives such as cleaner oceans and less pollution. The focus was on the product however, and they took centre stage. 

Through the creation of a set user-flows, site architecture and wireframes, we were able to ensure that we prioritised the right business objectives with the correct level of emphasis throughout the journey of the site. Being a new product to market, the key driver was to ensure the flavour and value of the product was made clear to users. Another key product/business-centric goal was share how the flavour kits could be turned into delicious meals and showcase their nutritional value in a user friendly way without overwhelming the site with numbers. As the kits were all plant-based, this was one of key selling points that needed to be captured. 

I designed a series of interactions and animations, such as the ingredients exploding out of the flavour pots when a user interacted with them, for the engineers to implement to take the static but energetic visuals from the brand and carry that same energy into the website. Coupling that with a vibrant, a colour palette which was reworked and made suitable for digital usage and strong use of imagery in the form of ingredients, meal & product shots, I was able to create a design that client and users loved which worked in tandem with the brand vision. All of which was then able to structured enough to be powered by the agencies in-house choice of CMS. 

The client’s feedback was as follows: 

Working to demanding timelines, the team delivered a beautifully crafted website which brought our brand to life and really showcased the heart of the brand- flavour! The launch of the brand was an incredibly busy time for our small team, but everyone worked diligently and effectively to deliver the project with complete ease. We still get so many compliments on our website – thank you!
Zoe Stroud
Brand Manager