Designing the Official partner website to Sackboy's latest adventure


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The project

Sony, the publishers behind LittleBigPlanet 3 tasked us with creating a new community portal which could leverage in the game features of the LBP3 title, helping to create player engagement and broaden the exposure to player created maps. We were to create a social platform for content creators which matched the creativity and style behind the game, whilst creating a simple and dynamic user flow for content discoverability.

The game itself included some revolutionary new features, not just for the game which for the time had multiple levels of platforming depth, but also for the user. Autopilot was a new system that was introduced that we leveraged that allowed to us create a synchronous web view which matched what was happening in game, and reflect that on the community portal. 

For example, when a user plays a level, that level information is displayed automatically on the website, working as a web based companion app. Users could create their customisable planet, upload gameplay videos and levels as well as follow the live activity stream, plus much more.

We produced an extensive amount of user flow, testing and content mapping went into creating a streamlined platform which would showcase the best from the community, whilst working directly with the game developers to create custom artwork based off our own ideas for individually themed “planets” (sections). Each one with its own individual character and style, and ambitious plans to allow the users to create and customise a profile of their own. 

Rich content would be regularly shared amongst the player created maps, with the game itself reflected through innovative and unique navigation design. Unfortunately, we were unable to control any of the final outcome as the development of the site was handled by a third-party.