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About the project

Leicester Tigers came to Clock looking for a digital partner that could work across their entire estate. Due to the way the League membership was structured, clubs were able to opt into a digital platform that for the most part was off the shelf. However, whilst it had the core functionality, such as fixture listings, it rarely had new feature releases and overall was hugely restrictive on what clubs could achieve with the technology supplied to them. Not happy with this, and not being a reflection of being a top premiership rugby team, we were tasked with creating a market leading responsive website and accompanying app, making them the goto places for all information Tigers related.

Our approach was fans first, I attended match days to carry out guerrilla user research through surveys and questionnaires in partnership with our deliver manager, using a script and tools I had put together to gather insights from the fans on the day. I also joined the Tigers forums to engage with vocal, active community to gather more feedback about what the fans wanted, also posting quantitative surveys for the fans to use. These insights helped us identify a number of pain points such as not being able to easily follow the match if it wasn’t on TV, not enough information about team news and latest happening with the club, difficulty of purchasing merchandise and many more. 

With these insights, we ideated concepts and tested with the fans features such as Matchday Live – both on the site and the app, which allowed the Tigers editorial team write their own match commentary which would automatically sync the live game data, such as scores, with Opta. The commentary could then also be pushed across the various social channels which Tigers employed. This meant that with limited stadium capacity, fans could still feel part of the match day in one form or another. 

We also created on-site commerce feeds from Tigers Shopify storefront, and drove engagement with fans by surfacing more video content which tied strongly into the editorial OKRs for the club. Clearer navigation and easier direction to ticket purchases and community engagement opportunities were also key achievements within the redesign. 

One unique, design focussed aspect I also found working closely with Tigers editorial was that whilst typically sports photography was shot in landscape, due to the player profiling most images actually worked better in portrait mode. The Tigers team had continuously struggle with how to frame their imagery, with excessive cropping missing out key actions elements within the photo. By designing the site to be, unorthodoxly portrait, it allowed Tigers to stand out not only visually, but also solved a major editorial challenge they had been facing. 

Internally, Tigers also wanted the brand to be updated but without losing the essence of what they represent. A combined partnership of myself and their in-house designer refined and tweaked the brand to meet the objective for the club but without upsetting a passionate fan-base. This was achieved by bringing a the logo up-to-date to be digital friendly with a refined colour palette and bold new typeface – premium but accessible to rugby fans.

The new site was a huge success, especially for a relaunch with an NPS score of 8.9 out of 10.

Due to the success of the main site, we quickly tasked with creating an app to accompany the website, with a focus on on driving the matchday experience, retail channels and unique hidden quirks which could be unlocked by users through exploration.