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League of Legends

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Riot games approached us with the challenge of making their own eSports more competitive than that of crowd-based alternatives, which had richer statistics and more engagement than their own platform. Adding to the design challenge was the need to showcase complex data in a digestible way across devices. 

Finally, it was to also make the eSports platform feel more mature and reflect the professional nature in which the competitive gaming scene is actually treated behind-the-scenes.


Riot Games


Design Lead


Working closely with the in-house creative and technical teams at Riot’s Brighton office, the areas we wanted to focus on was the perception of the site as well as the aspects that Riot could offer and 3rd parties couldn’t – which was an abundance of content and unparalleled access to the professional players. 

We repositioned the site away from the “gamey” look and feel typically associated with eSports sites and instead created a look more reflective of a professional sports website. We leveraged editorial content as a key engagement piece whilst also creating a user interface which allowed for a huge of amount of content in the way of fixtures, results and other related content, all readily displayed within the users viewable screen space.


The site was successfully relaunched with the strategy proving to key one of the major factors to its success. The fan’s engaged with the site’s content with a strong increase in engagement and dwell time, with lower bounce rates and to top if off, it also won a Silver award at W3 for gaming and game related category.