Relaunching a new brand and enhanced UX


The details




Design Lead


Mobile App & Web


The project

After a rebranding exercise in partnership with Creative Director Sam Chatwin, Bubble approached us with the task of taking the brand into the digital space by revamping the existing Bubble app, whilst not altering it’s behaviour or structure too heavily, and creating a brand new website which better reflects the core values and aesthetics of the new positioning.

Our first task was to establish the user personas and key goals that the users would want to achieve within the app. We did this by breaking the user-base down into two key demographics, the sitters and the parents. Within each user-base was a set of key goals they would want to achieve. This was established by looking at the behavioural patterns from the apps analytics, and from active engagement and research with the users themselves. 

With this information, we we able to ensure that we created a UI architecture that reflected the typical top-tier ambitions that the parent or sitter would want to achieve with the minimal amount of exploration or obfuscation as possible. 

Once this was established, and we had a clear understanding of the users requirements from the platform, we wanted to ensure that Bubble had the best advantage for growth moving forward. With the company managing a digital ecosystem across various platforms, including native iOS and Android apps, as well as a digital marketing site and e-marketing campaigns, we decided to implement a lightweight but effective design system which gave us and the client the foundations to build upon as the product evolves – a small sample of which is below. 

We worked closely with the team at Bubble, the developers at Silicon Rhino and with Sam to create the lightweight design system for the app which was based on the fundamentals of the Material UI but encapsulated the branding. Over time, we modified and updated the aesthetic to better fit the world of digital, and crafted a premium look that spoke to its audience. 

Once this was established, we worked on re-creating a marketing site which better represents one of the leading childcare apps in the market. Clearer site navigation, beautiful colour palette and more engaging imagery complemented a revamped blogging system and editorial workflow.

The redesign has been incredibly well received, gathering praise throughout its user base and beyond. We were able to push through small, but essential quality of life improvements in the apps usability and created a system that the team at Bubble can expand upon over time in the future to evolve their brand and positioning, which has already been happening through their own initiatives with aligning their email campaigns to our approach.